I’m stuck! Could I please have your help!

My husband kindly shared a story with me he found on LinkedIn where a soldier is stuck in a hole and shouts for help.  The first person to find him was his platoon Sergeant said “here’s a shovel, start digging”.  The next person to pass by to see this guy still stuck in the hole was his Captain, who said here’s a bucket and follow the orders of your Sergeant.  The third person to find this person in the same hole was a psychologist who asked him to share if there was anything in his past that put him in this hole?  He then said his time was up and would return tomorrow.  The fourth person to find the soldier in this hole was a former soldier himself who jumped right in with him.  At which point the original soldier freaked out and said “why did you do that, now we’re both stuck in this hole?”.  The guy turned to him and said “don’t worry, I’ve been here before and I can help you get out”.  

What this has taught me is you don’t have to be a soldier to have this feeling of being stuck in a hole.  It can impact anyone’s life at any time.  I have been in that position several times in my life.  I am pleased, and grateful, to say that I can get myself out of a hole.  However, I have had to do this all on my own.  I’ve lived in another country for over 30 years and it felt very isolating.  Although they spoke the same English language, I might as well have lived on Mars when my isolated feelings would surface.  It didn’t help that my husband was in the Army and away on exercise or operations for months on end. 

My psychology degree has taught me that life is not to be lived in isolation all on your own.  Remember Tom Hanks in Cast Away?  Not much fun eh?!  We, as human beings, need interaction with others in order to grow and develop.  Positive interaction is even better as it lifts everyone up to a new level of feeling and thinking about their own life and others around them.  I have also learned that I had a lot of limiting beliefs that were holding me back, which I’ve managed to break through! 

You are not alone or invisible.

I love sharing this human experience with everyone I come in contact with.  I want to share with you that I am that person who now jumps in that hole with someone to help them out. I’m here to offer a helping hand!!

I would love to hear from you and what your story is.  Please share below!


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