Rehab for Online Course Junkies!

Hello my friend!  Do you find yourself just going around and around in circles not really achieving much that day, week, month or year?

I am currently on a journey to carve out a new career in online business.  I love the idea that you CAN or DO anything you want if you put your mind to it.  I’ve bought into that notion for years.  What I am discovering on this new journey is it’s not as easy as you would think.  There are a lot of moving parts you need to know about, so much so that it can be very overwhelming.  Suddenly you find yourself in a state of analysis paralysis that you didn’t even realise you were there, until 6 months have passed you by and you wonder what happened to all that time?

Where has all the time gone?

Rehab for Online Course Junkies

Did I mention the number of courses currently available online who tell you they can help you build your online business?  This is another area which can get insanely crazy if you are not too careful.  Before you know it you’ve spent a good chunk, if not all, of your hard earned savings, and possibly maxed out on all your credit cards, because you tell yourself, “this is the last one”, “this too will help me”, or whatever else you’ve been telling yourself to justify why buying into that product was a great idea at the time.  Before you know it, you’ve ended up in a rehab centre for online course junkies who can’t seem to stop their addiction to finding that right product/course that will help them become the next online millionaire.

Now do not misunderstand me my friend.  I love what this industry is doing to disrupt the traditional way of obtaining information, learning and education.  I think knowledge is the most important gift we can ever give to ourselves to become better versions of who we are.  I love the fact that at the tips of our fingers we can obtain just about any kind of information we need when we use our trusted friends called Google, Safari, Bing, and the other search engine’s out there.  What I am absolutely fascinated with is people’s behaviour these days and wonder if it has dramatically changed from say 50 years ago? 

If our behaviour has or hasn’t changed, I’m still on that journey of discovery.  I would love to know your thoughts on the subject!  Please leave a comment below.


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