Double Down on Your Dreams!

Hello my friend!  Do you find yourself just going around and around in circles not really achieving much that day, week, month or year?

I love people who have fought the odds, stacked up against them, to live their dreams.  I find it extremely motivational to read their stories which then inspires me to double down on my dreams to make them a reality.  Especially when so much information is easily accessible through the internet.

What I am discovering is achieving your dreams is not as easy as, or straightforward, as you would think.  There are a lot of moving parts you need to know about, so much so, that it can be too overwhelming.  Suddenly you find yourself in a state of analysis paralysis that you didn’t even realise you were in.  Before you know it, 6 months have passed you by and you wonder what happened to all that time?  Why am I not any closer to my dreams, from when they first popped into my head, in the past few months or what feels like a lifetime ago.  What I have found key is to ‘Double Down’ on what will move the needle closer to your dreams.

Several people have been saying to me this year that there are 7 billion people on this planet and there is more than enough abundance to go around.  However, of those 7 billion, how many are actually adults who can do something with their life, like sign up for a course?  There are a plethora of courses currently available online, who can teach you how to do pretty much anything.  This is an area which can get insanely crazy if you are not too careful.  Before you know it, you’ve spent a good chunk, if not all, of your hard earned savings, and possibly maxed out on all your credit cards, because you tell yourself, this is the last one, this too will help me, or whatever else you’ve been telling yourself to justify why buying into that product was a great idea at the time.  Before you know it, you’ve ended up in a rehab centre for online course junkies who can’t seem to stop their addiction to finding that right product/course that will help them become the next billionaire.

Now do not misunderstand me my friend.  I love what this industry is doing to disrupt the traditional way of obtaining information, learning and education.  Knowledge is the most important gift we can ever give to ourselves to help us become better versions of who we are.  We can obtain just about any kind of information we need when we use our trusted friends called Google, Safari, Bing, and all the other search engine’s out there.  What I am absolutely fascinated with, is people’s behaviour towards obtaining information these days and wonder if it has dramatically changed from 50 years ago?  Ultimately, all humans want to improve themselves in some shape or form and are searching for someone, or something, that can help them with whatever it is they want fixed.  The bigger question is how this information is delivered which takes into account the different types of learning styles and how engaged they keep their students in the subject.  I look forward to the day when a person can beam themselves into your room and teach you the subject you want to learn about there and then.  You are taken on a journey of discovery through virtual reality so all your senses are utilised to learn that subject or topic. 

Until then, keep pursuing your desire for knowledge and ‘Double Down’ on your dreams!


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